The Trend in Tea Products

Dec 20, 2018

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Tea is one of the most classic beverages we have around. With different communities brewing their tea differently, each one of them can trace a tea tradition from their ancestors.

A wide variety of vitamins and minerals.

Recently the trend in tea products is changing with people coming up with more innovative ways of making tea and consumers looking for a new experience and not being afraid to try out new flavors in the market.

Modern tea products.

Mostly being for medical reasons or keeping fit, herbal tea and fruit-flavored tea are doing quite well and attracting the attention of many with no gender or age biases. The blend of tea with other healthy fruits and ingredients is a top-notch trend that is picking quite fast.

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Tea flavours.

Some tea-products are a blend of fruits like raspberries or lemons with different types of tea such as herbal tea and matcha tea like the raspberry Darjeeling tea. Others combine different ingredients to build a sweet sensation to the consumer. For example, Kaki tea has four components including the kaki fruit, honey, ginger, and green tea. Another example of such a rich tea is the apple and elderflower white tea. This one is a combination of the apple fruit, elderflower, lemon, and white tea. Their acidity level is kept healthily low while the concentrate and water balance is well balanced.



The trend in products from tea has caused a good increase in profit for tea producing countries. The manufacture of healthy tea is diverse and different types of tea have distinct health advantages. We know the green tea for being good for people who want to keep their cholesterol levels low plus other medical benefits. Also, the use of tea with honey instead of sugar or generally sugar-free tea has recently become a healthy trend. With the fantastic products from tea, the consumer is always satisfied.


Some examples of Tea products by Lemonconcentrate


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