In the food and beverage industry, an effective and functional packaging can be as important as having a good product. In order to protect our food and beverage products, maintain all their natural properties and meet our clients’ preferences, we need a sophisticated and versatile packaging system. Broadly speaking, we offer tankers, bins, drums and bags in boxes. Our greatest versatility is focused in our bags.

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We can package our juices, essential oils, blends, purees, etc. in bags of 2, 3, 5, 10 a 25 litres. We can place the tap at any point of the bag. There are different tap models availables and is also possible to choose between a wide catalogue of snap caps, pouring caps, screw caps, collars, etc. with different sizes, colours and properties.

Depending on the content, we offer METBags (metalized bags for wine and juices), EVOHBags (transparent bags for juices and oils) and BlueBags (bags in accordance with requirements for creams, yogurts, etc.). For larger amounts of our commodities, we also provide SteriBags and IBC bags, larger bags (220L and 1000L) utilized as intermediate bulk container.

In the same way as when we elaborate our products, we only work with the highest qualities when we choose our packaging. Indeed, with our bags is possible to find a high breaking strength, thermal stability, high barrier for gases and water vapor, long period of validity and a high mechanical resistance.

Lemon Concentrate has been in the food and beverage industry for a long time. As an important and experienced processed fruit supplier, we have learnt which are the best packaging options for our juices and all our fruit and vegetable products. Our bags in boxes system has shown its value during more than 50 years. The best juice concentrates and all our high quality products deserve a packaging like this.


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