Our Company

Lemon Concentrate is a world-class company which belongs to the fruit concentrate sector. It is strategically located in Murcia, in the South-East of Spain, to ensure the shortest distance between the factory to probably the biggest citrus plantations in Europe.

Our Process

  • 1. Fresh Fruit

    The closeness to the raw material allows to reduce the time between the collection and processing of the fruits. We have reached a perfect vertical integration which allows us to take care of the whole process from the harvesting and supervision of the collection of the fruit, to the loading of the product in the means of transport sent to the client.

  • 2. Reception

    Lemon Concentrate strives to exceed customer expectations by offering premium quality products at the most competitive prices.

    Thanks to the above mentioned closeness to the raw material, we can assure a perfect traceability of our fruits and vegetables from the moment they are collected till they arrive at their destinataries as final products.

  • 3. Processing

    The main activity of Lemon Concentrate is the worldwide supply and distribution of fruit concentrates. Amongst our clients there are producers of fruit juices, soft drinks, mineral waters, sweets, ice creams, dairy products, liqueurs, wines and beers.

  • 4. Packaging

    In the same way as when we elaborate our products, we only work with the highest qualities when we choose our packaging. Indeed, with our bags is possible to find a high breaking strength, thermal stability, high barrier for gases and water vapor, long period of validity and a high mechanical resistance.

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