Markets & Applications

Our clients come from many different sectors throughout the world. These are some examples:

Confectionery Candies

Our Juice Concentrates and our Fruit Purees are used to obtain exclusive color and aroma without artificial additives.



Dairy Contents

As the global dairy market grows, consumers are embracing new dairy applications. Milk and juice blends are becoming increasingly popular.

We supply a big range of Fruit Pieces , Juice Concentrates, Fruit Purees, Pomaces, Comminuted Fruits and Fruit Preparations for the industry.




At Lemonconcentrate we offer a wide range of tailor-made solutions for juices, nectars and soft drinks.
We also customize recipes according to our clients target price and specific needs.



Ice Cream

Fruit Juice Concentrates  and Fruit Purees  can be combined with many other ingredients such as cereals,
cinnamon and honey to obtain exclusive Fruit Preparations.



Bakery & Patisserie

At Lemonconcentrate we create Fruit Fillings  and Fruit Powders for the
confectionery industry according to the latest trends.



Pickles Fillings

At Lemonconcentrate we have a wide range of fillings for olives manufacturing.
Please check our Fruit Purees catalogue.



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