Fruit Pieces

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At Lemon Concentrates, we pride ourselves in the wide variety of fresh fruit dices that we offer, some of these fruits’ pieces include apricots, apples, strawberry, orange and peach. The pieces are available in different formats, including cubes, slices, sacs, and fruit floats, among others. We also bear pride in the fact that our products are the epidemy of quality and flexibility. Also, we take pride in our packaging services and other customer-related logistics.

What are the fruit pieces?

Fruit pieces, as the name suggests, are obtained from natural fruits and used in a variety of applications. They are, therefore, essential elements in fruit bloats. The fruit bloats are used in the manufacture of juices, a range of snack mixes, baked foods (like bread and cakes, desserts (both frozen and non-frozen), garnishes, ice cream, cereal bars, and chocolates. Fruit cubes are also relevant raw materials in the manufacture of muffins, nougat, pasties, yoghurt, and various jams or conserve.

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