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Lemonconcentrate is known as a leading company. It supplies orange, Clementine and orange products. However, their expertise is in the production and distribution of pulp cells, essential oils and comminuted.

Properties and Benefits of Comminuted

A comminute is a puree that is derived from whole citrus fruits. Unlike other juices and purees that are made from whole fruits, citrus ones are produced from the endocarp without including the outer layers. However, when making comminute, all these parts are included through a mechanical process that turns them into a pulp together with all the fruit juices. The final product is sieved to get rid of seeds, and in some cases, it can get processed with another fruit puree to give a unique flavour. With comminuted, you get to enjoy the full benefits of the fruit as no part gets discarded. The puree is very nutritious, and the added flavour comes as a bonus.

Comminuted Fruits Advantages and the Supplier and Manufacturer Experience

Our comminuted fruits give great products since they are of high quality. The two kinds of comminuted fruits that we offer include Orange Comminuted and Lemon Comminuted.

Lemonconcentrate uses high technology for these products. They achieve this by employing pulping and preheating processes. With our comminuted, you can create your variety of very high-quality products. These citrus fruits are full of Vitamin C, which helps in strengthening the immune system and keeping the cold virus at bay. The fruits are grown near the Mediterranean sea, which gives them the intense flavour. They are also free of preservatives.

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