High Pressure Processing (HPP) – Innovative developments in the food industry.

Dec 20, 2018

High Pressure Processing (HPP) - Innovative developments in the food industry.-image- 1

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is very successful and innovative new technology used by the food industry that maintains the ingredients and integrity of the food product and which has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly.

HPP products involve cold pasteurization which involves subjecting food to an extremely high level of hydrostatic pressure, which is in effect water pressure, for between a few seconds to several minutes. The amount of pressure used for HPP products can be up to 600 MPa/87,000 psi, in other words, the equivalent pressure of a very deep ocean.


HPP, our juicing process

HPP process


What are the benefits of high pressure processing?

Increasing consumer demands, including the requirement for freshness and ecological techniques have been one factor in the development of the technology, and there are significant advantages in using the HPP process over traditional methods:

  • Fresh produce: Flavours and nutrients are retained almost intact and lead to a better quality of food.
  • Extension of shelf life: The product has a longer shelf life than older packaging techniques so there are lower returns.
  • Destruction of pathogens: Most importantly, the technique kills a number of pathogens that can be present in food, such as Salmonella, Listeria, Norovirus and many others.
  • Less need for preservatives: Due to lengthy preservation techniques there is a reduced need for preservatives, making the food even fresher and more natural which is very appealing to customers.


HPP Products


Where can I get HPP produce?

We supply a range of fresh and natural food and juice products that are used throughout the food industry. By the use of high pressure processing juice techniques, we ensure that all products are guaranteed safe and of the highest quality possible and can be used in a wide range of business settings.


Some examples of HPP products by Lemonconcentrate

HPP Products

HPP Products

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