Citrus fruit situation in 2023

Apr 03, 2023

Citrus Products

The market for citrus fruits continues to increase with respect to the year 2022.

In this year, Brazil, China and Mexico are positioned as the top citrus products, while demand increases and supply decreases.

According to recent data, the world citrus production in 2022 was 129 million tons approximately.  Brazil was the world’s leading citrus producer, followed by China, Mexico, India and Spain. So far in 2023 figures have been increasing and exports are positioned as a key piece in the wealth of countries globally and the citrus market is a sector in constant growth.

Currently, we find 5 clear trends, in terms of product lines, which are constantly evolving to meet the needs of customers in the food, beverage (among others) industries and explored in this article: Juice Concentrate, Compounds, NFC juices, Essential Ols, Fruit Powders.

Consumers prefer these products for their natural origin, health benefits and authentic taste. They also provide practical advantages, such as longer shelf life, and easy transportation and affordability. This article summarizes each trend, highlighting their benefits and applications in various industries.

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Juice Concentrates

Juice concentrates have become a new trend in the citrus products market due to their ease of use, long shelf life and affordable price. Removing moisture from cold-pressed juice produces concentrated juice, which means a more concentrated version of the original liquid. In addition, products can be transported and stored easily thanks to this technique, thus increasing their accessibility to consumers.

They are not only simpler to handle but also more affordable for both producers and customers. Higher yields are possible with concentrates, which lowers the fruit required to make the same amount of juice. The result is reduced production costs and low consumer prices.


Compounds have quickly emerged as a new trend in the market for citrus goods due to their capacity to improve beverages’ taste and nutritional values. These compounds are manufactured by blending organic ingredients from vegetables and fruits with other natural components to provide a concentrated flavour and nutrient base.
The capacity of compounds to deliver consistent flavour combinations across several batches of beverages is one of their key advantages. Large-scale beverage producers who need to ensure a steady flavour and quality for their drinks should pay particular attention.
Beverage ingredients can give beverages nutritional benefits in addition to flavour. Fruit-derived compounds, for instance, may be high in vitamin C. In contrast, vegetable-derived compounds may be increased in antioxidants.

NFC Juices

NFC (Not From Concentrate) juices have emerged as a new trend in the citrus goods industry due to their health advantages and natural flavour. These juices are prepared without additional processing or concentration by merely pressing the fruit to extract the juice.
One of their key advantages is that NFC juices are higher in vitamins and antioxidants than their condensed equivalents. In addition, the juice is not subjected to intense heat or pressure during the concentration process, which can decrease some of the fruit’s benefits.

In addition to their health benefits, NFC juices are also preferred by consumers for their natural taste. The lack of processing and concentration means the juice retains its original flavour and aroma, providing a more authentic taste experience.

Fruit purees

fruit purees are experiencing an increasing popularity in the fruit market since they are very versatile and practical. These purees blend fresh or frozen fruit with juice or water to generate a thick and smooth mixture. Fruit purees can enhance the flavour and texture of various products, which is one of their key benefits. In addition, they can serve as a base for marinades, beverages, sauces, and smoothies.
Fruit purees can be customised and are practical for both consumers and producers. However, they are better suited for industrial production because they are simpler to store and transport and have a longer shelf life than fresh fruit

Essential Oils

Essential oils have become a new trend in the market of citrus products due to their strong taste and aroma. Cold pressing removes the natural oils from the fruit skin and produces these oils.
The intense aroma of fruity essential oils is one of their main benefits. Therefore, they can be used sparingly to infuse various products with flavours and aromas, including baked goods, beverages, and personal care products.
Fruit essential oils are favoured by customers because of their rich aroma and their natural origin. They are produced without the use of artificial additives or preservatives. Instead, they are only made from the natural oils of the fruit.

Fruit powder

Fruit powders, particularly citrus powders, have recently seen an increase in demand due to their versatility and health benefits. The citrus industry’s expanding organic and natural product market has increased demand for fruit powder. In addition, fresh fruit requires drying before being mashed to generate fruit pulp. Therefore, these powders are frequently used in various culinary products, such as beverages, baked goods, and snacks, as natural flavouring and colouring additives.


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In conclusion, the general change towards natural products is causing the citrus business to experience a boom in new market trends. Fruit essential oils, fruit powders, juice concentrates, compounds, NFC juices, and fruit purees are just a few of the five trends covered in this article that offer practical benefits, including longer shelf life, ease of transportation, and affordability.
Customers prefer these goods because of their all-natural makeup, health advantages, and genuine flavour. Customers’ demand for more natural goods is anticipated to cause the citrus business to develop even further.







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