Orange situation is 2024

Mar 07, 2024

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The orange market for the year 2024 makes it necessary to look for alternatives to offer the best possible product at the most competitive price.

Egypt, China and North America, among others, are facing different situations which we will now analyse. 

The current global orange situation reflects a variety of challenges and opportunities, affecting the entire industry, which is why Lemonconcentrate has taken the lead in offering an optimal product: Orange Concentrate 100% Orange.

In Egypt, for example, there has been an increase in the production and quality of its oranges, with an increase in production volumes compared to the previous year and a varied demand depending on the size of the fruit. Production has benefited from good weather conditions, which have improved the quality and flavour of the oranges.

On the other hand, China has other challenges due to adverse weather conditions, such as drought, which have affected the production of oranges and their price increase. As a result, the country has structural challenges in its citrus industry, such as the lack of stock of premium products, limited marketing channels and underdeveloped technology for fresh storage.

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In North America, specifically in Florida, the supply of oranges has remained stable with solid prices, although some situations, such as hurricanes, have affected these operations.

The situation is different in Argentina, where there has been a significant drop in orange exports, particularly to Russia, partly due to the consequences of the war in Ukraine and logistical complications. This drop in exports coincides with a contraction in the area planted with citrus.

These examples illustrate how the global orange industry faces a complexity of factors including climatic conditions, logistical challenges, variations in demand and regulatory policies, which affect production, exports and incomes in various regions.


What have we done at Lemonconcentrate?

We have provided a product that is distinguished by its ability to offer a comprehensive solution to the needs of customers around the world, thanks to its price competitiveness and high quality.

Lemonconcentrate’s 100% Orange product is designed to be versatile, adapting to a wide range of applications in the food industry, from beverages and juices to desserts and baked goods. This flexibility ensures that customers can innovate their offerings, enriching the flavour of their products with the authentic taste of fresh oranges.

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