Citrus concentrates: a safe asset in the fruit juice market

May 11, 2022

CItrus Market

Citrus concentrates are a safe asset.

Orange is undoubtedly the preferred flavour among consumers worldwide. Well above other flavours like cola, pineapple or grapes, citrus fruits represent a safe asset in the production of soft drinks, syrups, ice cream and candy.

The oranges used in our products are grown in Spain, near to the Mediterranean Sea. This area is perfect for growing oranges due to the weather – warm temperatures in the day and colder at night. The Mediterranean area produces consistently high-quality fresh fruits which are full of flavour, leading to a high quality fruit concentrate.

Our Orange Fruit Concentrate can be used in a variety of ways: a common use is in fruit beverages or to flavour soft drinks, whilst the concentrate can also be used in the production of other foods such as ice creams, bakery products, ready meals and syrups.

Citric fruits’ have numerous nutritional properties.

Orange concentrate or lemon concentrate are a natural source of vitamins and minerals and they consumption favours the obtaining of vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, copper, potassium and sulphur, which strengthen tissues and prevent both colds and mucosal infections while regulating blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Grapefruit concentrate for example is particularly recommended for cleaning the liver, it improves digestion of food and prevents from getting the flu. However, in general, all the juices from citrus concentrates protect the digestive system, control cholesterol and uric acid, prevent diabetes and promote a smooth and healthy skin because they contain many vitamins.

But the nutritional properties of citric fruits related to health are not the only reason for their success in the markets. Citrus concentrates are a safe economic asset dute to their global consumer acceptance and the growth of a more demanding and segmented demand in terms of product variety in both range and type.

Citrus concentrates are now separately presented, as they have been in the traditional way, through the classical orange concentrate, grapefruit concentrate, tangerine concentrate, mandarin concentrate and lemon concentrate; but they may also be combined to obtain mixes such as citrus cocktail concentrate, lemon and mint concentrate, which is mainly used for the preparation of mojito, or orange and carrot concentrated, which has been very demanded lately due to the current bond between healthy eating and fitness

Citrus Products

We can also tailor-make compounds with the  flavor, color that you want with from all the technical challenges involved in production. Our team keeps a close eye on the latest trends across different markets to be able to offer you innovative beverage creations like Energy Drinks, milk beverages, beverages, drinks, soft drinks or final applications according customers needs.

We offer a wide range of raw materials, compounds and ideas for beverage solutions with different levels of fruit content

This trend has lead manufacturers to prepare tailor made blends.

In this sense LemonConcentrate is a pioneer in the distribution of citrus concentrates through the development of our compounds and concentrates of orange fruit and lemon, by utilizing the whole lemon and the whole orange in varying proportions so that we can customize the intensity of the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the final product, thus offering customized results both product and price-wise for each of our clients.

Lemon Concentrate are a leading manufacturer in the supply of lemon and orange products. We supply a range of orange, lemon, mandarin and clementine products, and have a wealth of experience in worldwide distribution to the Food & Beverage industry.

All of our raw fruit materials are processed in up-to-date facilities, ensuring the great quality which is a hallmark of our company.

Our optimized logistics solutions ensure we can trace the fruits used from being harvested from the tree, through the processing, and right up to the moment it arrives at your kitchen. This gives you peace of mind and is a key part of what makes our company an industry leader.


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