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Feb 13, 2019

Dairy products have been the primary source of calcium, proteins, vitamin A and D for years, essential for the growth of strong bones and teeth. Nevertheless, recent studies have proven that the consumption of dairy products have more negative effects on the human body than it does have benefits.

Why Dairy Products are Becoming a Thing of the Past

Most of dairy products are high in saturated fat and cholesterol which is the number one cause of heart disease. Besides that, the added stabilizers and antibiotics that are used to treat the cattle that produce many dairy products has been linked to hormone imbalance. This resulting in severe acne and other medical issues such as cancer.

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Non-dairy products as an alternative to milk

Businesses are now witnessing a 60% growth in non-dairy products. So more and more people switch from dairy as an alternative to milk, yogurt, and cheese. A choice that is steadily gaining popularity, not only among those that are lactose intolerant but also among consumers who are searching for a healthier substitute.

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Benefits of Non-Dairy Products at a Glance

It is a well-known fact that the enzymes and sugars in milk and other dairy products, if not broken down properly by the body, can produce feelings of discomfort in your stomach. In severe cases, cramps, gas, and diarrhea are exhibited by at least 75% of the world’s population.


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Non-dairy beverages such as almond-based drinks or nut drinks with fruit extract can promote prostate health, improve digestion, assist in weight management and improve your immune system.

Non-dairy products are natural, organic and free of antibiotics, stabilizers and other harmful chemicals that are added to dairy products. So you are aware of what is going into your body at all times. Lemonconcentrate offer a wide variety of selection which does not compromise taste and with innovative products on the shelves, you will always find what you want.


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