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Feb 19, 2019

Energy Products

The concept of eating or drinking certain products to provide an energy boost has been popular for some time. Pre-Columbian Indians were known to drink a brew made from holly leaves and bark before undertaking ceremonies, and going to war.

It obviously didn’t taste very nice since it normally made them ill. During recent years many drinks have been utilized by those in search of an energy boost. Tea and coffee were early products before the trend to included additives became popular.

Aspartame, an alternative to sugar

Sugar and caffeine were the most prominent additives used in early energy products. Sugar has been largely replaced by products such as Aspartame, which, unlike sugar, is not thought to have any adverse effects.


Sports and energy drinks

With the increase in demand for energy products for the sports industry, availability increased rapidly and spilled over into the general consumer market. With the consumption increasing by 60% between 2008 and 2012 the level of energy products distribution was set to grow further, especially as the products started to become more sophisticated.


Uses of energy products – Manufacturer & Supplier

Recent trends have seen these. Products being designed to specifically boost energy, and promote healthy body and brain function. With greater understanding of the effects of certain natural products these are now being used as additives.


Key ingredients: Gurana and Taurine

Guarana helps to stimulate the central nervous system creating an energizing effect. Besides, Taurine helps the body to utilize calcium which promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, electrolyte, and immune system, creating a sense of well-being. There are a whole host of more familiar sounding natural products which can be used to create energy products to help protect, boost and stimulate different parts of the body. Beetroot, spinach, hibiscus, artichoke, pomegranate, royal jelly, ginkgo Biloba and carrot are just a few.


Some of our developments in energy drinks (click to enlarge):

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