The new lemon products

Dec 11, 2017

new lemon products


At Lemon Concentrate we try to innovate as much as possible to satisfy our clients needs. We have an extent catalogue that we try to increase to obtain a large variety of different products. The priority is our products to be the best in terms of: quality, freshness, properties and benefits.

Among our big variety of fruits, Lemon Concentrate specializes in orange and lemon products. We obtain the best fruit from the best locations in Spain, near our facilities to reduce the time between the collection and the processing and to maintain that way all the properties and freshness of the fruit.

The reason that our specialities are these two fruits is that Lemon Concentrate was born with a comercial agreement with two of the most professional companies dedicated to citric production, fruit processing and fruit concentrate. Our orange varieties are the most known in our country and in the world: the Spanish Navel variety and the Spanish Valencia variety.
Our lemons come from Spanish variety of Citrus limon that grow near the Mediterranean sea, main reason for its characteristic flavour.

Lemon products

We are going to focus here in our new lemon products:

  • Lemon and Mint concentrate: Lemon and mint are the perfect fit for the elaboration of a large list of products, especially drinks such as tea or soft drinks.

Lemon Mint concentrate

    • Lemon and ginger concentrate: The lemon and ginger concentrate is the perfect blend to elaborate high quality drinks and with very healty properties.

lemon and ginger concentrate

    • Strawberry and lemon concentrate: This product is ideal for the elaboration of soft drinks and beverage for its intense and fresh flavour.

Strawberry and lemon concentrate

  • Lemon clear concentrate: Lemon Clear concentrate come from the already mentioned Spanish variety of Citrus limon, that are characteristic for its intense flavour. This makes lemon concentrate ideal to prepare products with an intense lemon flavour.
  • Lemon Pure Puree: This product 100% natural can be used to elaborate very healthy products with high quality. It is made with the best lemons of the Spanish Mediterranean region and maintains all the properties.
  • Lemon Cloudy D: Lemon cloudy D has no preservatives and maintains all the properties of the fruit such as flavour, colour and essence. It is ideal for the human consumption.
  • Lemon Cloudy R: Lemon Cloudy R maintains all the properties of the fruit for its natural contain with no sugar or preservatives added. It fits for the elaboration of food and drink products.
  • Lemon Base LPU: This product is used as a base for food and drinks to add flavour and it is also ideal for its dilution in water.
  • Lemon Base 40º: Lemon Base 40º is recommended to diluate it with water to reach the 7.0ºBrix of ready to drink products.
  • Lemon comminuted 4:1: This comminuted fruit is made using the whole part of the lemon which includes the Flavedo, Albedo and Endocarp that contain all the properties of the fruit. It can be used to elaborate a large list of food and beverage products.
  • Lemon comminuted 1:1: For the elaboration of our comminuted fruit we use the latest technology in order to obtain a high quality result. Thank to the intense flavour of lemon, you can use this comminuted to elaborate a large list of differents products.
  • Lemon comminuted 2:1: Our lemon comminuted is made with full lemons grown up by the Mediterranean sea, main reason for its intense flavour. This makes our products ideal to elaborate final product with high quality.
  • Lemon comminuted 3:1: Lemon comminuted can be used to elaborate a large list of products due to its intense flavour and freshness obtained by the careful processing of the best fruit grown up in the best areas of Spain.
  • Lemon oil: Lemon oil can be used to make air fresheners due to its intense essence and freshness. But it can also be used to elaborate fruit drinks, fruit bases, cosmetic or flavour additive.
  • D-limonene oil: D-limonene can be used to add flavour to your food: cakes, salads, juices, etc. Also, thank to the aromatic property of this fruit it can be used to make air fresheners.


We care about our clients needs overall. The transportation of the fruit is a very important part of the process if we don’t want our products to loose their quality or properties on the way, before arriving to the client. Thus, it needs an exclusive attention. That’s why we have a strong packaging and logistic structure, and flexible solutions, depending on the wishes of the client and the final use given to the product. The fruit can be frozen, aseptic or preserved.

Also, we establish our products at competitive prices in order to satisfy our clients and to help the good running of the sector.
Thank to this dedication, we have achieved to be one the market leaders in the food and beverage sector.


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