A customized strawberry concentrate from the supplier.

Dec 11, 2017


Strawberry concentrate is a healthy product, rich in vitamins and antioxidants. The intense red colour and fresh aroma of the strawberry concentrate is ideal in the manufacturing of milkshakes, syrups, beverages, and jams.

Strawberry concentrate manufacturers utilize diverse techniques for its elaboration. Apart from the actual processing, first quality raw material, whether it is cultivated strawberry or fresh strawberry picked from the forests; is essential for any strawberry concentrate supplier.

Lemon Concentrate offers a strawberry concentrate which is elaborated with cultivated strawberries, selected by our experienced harvesters. This permits us guarantee a constant provision, while maintaining certain autonomy from climate change. This autonomy extends to our clients, because they may manufacture their juices or strawberry syrups with our strawberry concentrate, or our other strawberry sub-products such as strawberry puree.

The combination of strawberry concentrate with other berry fruit concentrates, for instance blackberry concentrate, redcurrant concentrate, or cherry concentrate, enables us to offer delicious possibilities to the juice and soda industries. This broad range of options permits us the manufacturing of taylor-made blends to elaborate original and exclusive fruit products. These kinds of services we offer situates us as a highly competitive fruit concentrate wholesaler endorsed by many years of experience in the fruit concentrate sector.

Lemon Concentrate is a fruit concentrate, and veggies and fruit purees, supplier. Now you can check out our new veggies and fruit purees product catalogue and compare our broad range of fruit purees to other fruit or veggie puree manufacturers. Our broad range offers endless possibilities when combining flavors and textures in the development of a totally unique final product.



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