Apple Concentrate Forecast

Dec 11, 2017

apple filling

The process to obtain apple concentrate is actually simple: it is obtained by removing water from apple fruit. However, when this product is ready, it has many applications in the food and beverage industry. Apple concentrate can be utilized to elaborate juices, dairy products, soft drinks, frozen foods and purees and it can be used also as sweetener in cakes or chocolates.
The most popular type of apple concentrate is apple juice concentrate (followed by apple powder concentrate). There are several factors that are increasing the demand of this concentrate:

  • It has been observed a larger health awareness in the most developed countries. It results in an increased interest in fruits and derived fruit products such as fruit juices.
  • A change in the traditional preferences about juice flavours, from orange and lemon to apple and other tastes. Although lemon and orange are still the most demanded concentrates, apple concentrate improves year by year.
  • A larger demand of packaged foods (including packaged fruit juices).

It is expected that, from 2015 to 2021, North America will be the area with the largest market share in apple concentrate (thanks, mainly, to the United States consumption). In Europe, Germany is the country which leads the market share (followed by the United Kingdom) and in Asia (in the Pacific area), China is aspiring to be the largest apple concentrate manufacturer and supplier.

Despite all the previous factors for a larger demand of apple concentrate (health awareness, changes in the taste preferences and an increasing demand of packaged food), there are disadvantages in the incoming market for its growth. On the one hand, it is expected a minor crop of apples all around the world. On the other hand, there have been observed pricing changes in the fruit market. These both facts will probably curb the apple concentrate market expansion.


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