Lemon products – Popular uses and properties – Season 2022

Apr 01, 2022


Lemonconcentrate specializes in orange, clementine and lemon products. Among our wares related to lemon fruit you will find essential oils, lemon pulp cells, juices, dairy products, purees and concentrates. Our lemons are cultivated in the Mediterranean region, one of the best areas in the world, and close to our facilities to reduce the time between the collection and the processing of the fruit.

lemon comminuted 3-1 product

Lemon products: How it is made

  • Lemon oil: we get our lemon oil by a cold pressed method obtained through a mechananical process with no thermal treatment. We first scrape the surface of the fruit, we then separate the water phase from the oil phase by a centrifugation, and finally we decant and filter it.
  • Lemon concentrate: we have 3 different types of this product: Lemon Concentrate 400GPL Cloudy; Lemon Concentrate 400 GPL Clear and Lemon Concentrate 500 GPL clear. The lemons used for the first type of concentrate are cultivated in the Mediterranean region while the two others are cultivated close to Lemonconcentrate’s facilities. We try to make our concentrates as natural as possible. That’s why, the elaboration process becomes quite simple -squeezing the fruit- in order to mantain all the properties and not to loose anything on the way.
  • Lemon cells: our lemon cells come from different Spanish varities of Citrus lemon Burm. We obtain those cells by separating the lemon pulp from the freshly squeezed juice of naturally matured lemon, with a 100% natural result. Afterwards, the product is pasteurized and frozen to mantain all its properties. The lemons we use for this purpose come from the Mediterranean region.
  • Lemon comminuted: the lemon comminuted refers to lemon puree concentrated from the whole fruits of different varities of Citrus lemon. It is made of the flavedo (contains the citrus essential oil), albedo (contains the citrus fiber) and endocarp (contains the citrus juice, cells and core) parts of the fresh fruit, processed and concentrate.
  • Lemon juice NFC: for the elaboration of the lemon juice we first squeeze the fruit, then immediately processan d pasteurize by flash heating. We never remove the water content of the juice as we don’t want to obtain a concentrate this time. There is no water, sugar or preservatives added, we just mantain the natural content of the juice. A distinctive feature of the juice NFC is that it can be stored, freezed or chilled for at least one year.

Lemon products: Uses

  • Lemon oil: essential oil can be used to add taste to your food products as well as to make air fresheners thank to its both flavour and freshness.
  • Lemon concentrate: it can be used for the elaboration of a large list of products such as lemon juice, sweets, jams, soft drinks, ice creams, etc.
  • Lemon cells: these cells can be used to elaborate high quality beverage products.
  • Lemon comminuted: it is mainly used to obtain fruit drinks and beverage.
  • Lemon juice NFC: Lemonconcentrate’s juices are 100% natural which means can be consumed without passing any other process.



Lemon products has been used for therapeutic purposes for years due to its positive properties:

  • It has very high levels of vitamine C which is recommended for bones health or skin care.
  • It increases the defenses of the inmune system.
  • It also contains soluble fiber which helps to regulate the levels of bad cholesterol.
  • The acid content of this fruit helps to fix calcium in bones as well as to eliminate fat deposit of your body.
  • It is also diuretic due to its caffeine content.

Benefits and tips

  • If you mix a glass of water with some drops of lemon oil you will obtain a delicious drink which can low your anxiety levels.
  • Lemon concentrate keeps all the properties of the lemon as well as its whole flavour which means you can make all your food more tasty and healthy at the same time.
  • As we already mentioned, lemons have very high levels of acid which can help you to eliminate all the bacteries of your organism. You can rinse your mouth with some lemon juice after every meal to keep your mouth and teeth healthy.
  • Lemon juice can be a supply of vitamins and minerals and has also the power to clean the toxins of your body. Drinking a small glass of lemon juice every morning is highly recommended to increase your levels of vitamines and minerals.

Our Lemon Products.

Final products: 

Spanish lemons are well known for their great quality over the world.

Packaging: Bottle PET 1l and 280ml.


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