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Honey is one of the healthier ingredients to sweeten desserts and drinks in a natural way and marinate meat with a tasty result. This kind of product is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B1, B2, B3, etc. and lot of minerals, and thats the reason of our extreme dedication during processing.

The manufacturing and supplying of honey involve a delicate caring of their original properties in order to obtain a high quality product for our customers. In this way, the honey preserves its pure aroma, flavor and color being perfect to give flavor to any food.

We produce honey with different varieties like:

  • Honey Type Eucalyptus (orange, lemon and citron blossom honey)
  • Honey Type Azahar (eucalyptus blossom)
  • Honey Type Rosemary (rosemary blossom)
  • Honey Type Thousand Flowers
  • Honey Type Mixed Varieties

We present our new honey products. Soon, we will add new varieties and we will expand the catalogue. If you are interested in purchasing honey, contact us and we will inform you about all our catalogue. Download Technical Data.

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