SIAL China 2016. Inspire food business.

The SIAL China food fair, the Asia’s largest food innovation exhibition, will take place between 5th and 7th in May. The international city of Shanghai will host this food and beverage event, which has 16 years expertise. China has a population of 1.37 billion citizen, and it experiences an annual growth rate of population of 0,52%. This country was the world’s largest importer in 2014 and its food sector is growing at 20% each year. All this factors makes China the perfect environment for a food and beverage fair.

This year, SIAL China food and beverage fair, will have conferences with more than 41 speakers, tasting events, chefs, culinary demos and more than 200 submissions of innovative products.

Last year SIAL fair in China showed incredible results. It had more than 60.000 visitors from more than 100 countries; there were more than 2700 exhibitors from more than 60 countries. 99% of the visitors would recommend the event and 92 of them will come back. On the other hand, 87% of the exhibitors would recommend the show and more than 80% will come back. Last year, the top ten countries with more representation were China, Korea, USA, Poland, Turkey, France, Spain, India, Netherlands and Australia, and the top 5 products were grocery products, frozen products, fresh meat, healthy food and confectionery.

Lemon Concentrate will attend SIAL China 2016.

In order to keep learning about the latest technology and the most appropriate facilities for food processing, we are really keen on this food fair. We will be here next May and we are going to introduce our new vegetable puree products. Furthermore, in this fair we are going to show some of our most successful products such as our lemon concentrate, orange concentrate, essential oils, tailor-made blends, pulp cells, fruit purees, not from concentrate juices, fruit powder, etc.

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