IFE Americas 2018 – 22th Americas Food and Beverage.

Americas Food and Beverage

Americas Food and Beverage 2018 is one of the most important food and beverage events celebrates in the Unite States. This fair, which is mainly focused in the latin comunity, had the objetive of benefit the trade of products between Central America and South America, but its popularity has been increasing the number of exhibitors and now, it is something so much bigger.

The International Food Festival takes place in Miami in 2018, between 1th and 2th of October and will host a huge variety of companies who will exhibit their products in the IFE Americas. From processed foods, to exotic fruits and vegetables, dietetic foods, frozen foods, beer and even pet foods, you can find everything you need in the inclosure.

But this fair and conference about food and beverages from the Americas doesn’t limit just to the exhibition of products, other types of activities are also carried out, such as competitions between the best products and among the best-known chefs of the continent.

This food exhibition will be a great opportunity to meet more than 500 exhibitors from 28 different countries; to discover new products; to create business networks with more than 11.500 food and drink buyers from South America, Europe, Central America, the Caribbean, Asia, Australia, Africa, etc.

Lemon Concentrate will be in Americas Food and Beverage 2018

In Lemon Concentrate we are commited with offer to our clients the products of the highest quality with the best services and thats why we participate in a huge amount of fairs and events focused in the topic of food, beverages and innovation. Our labor grow up with the client needs, expanding our catalogue of products and improving our process of manufacturing and suppling to anticipate us to their desire.

As worldwide suppliers, we find this show of great interest to meet the last trends in food in the American Continent, as well as to make known our varied catalog of products, among which are concentrates and purees of fruits and vegetables.

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