Gulfood Manufacturing 2015 – The Food Fair in Dubai


Dubai is geographically located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, and is part of the United Arab Emirates. Its continuously growing economy and the fact that it is considered a re-exporter of food, makes this country a strategic location and optimal framework to facilitate networking business men and women from the professional sectors related to the food and beverage industry.

Therefore, following our review of the Food & Beverage Fairs with the greatest impact around the world we must highlight Dubai’s food festival.

Gulfood Manufacturing is the largest food and beverage processing industry event in the Middle East area. Organized annually by Dubai World Trade Centre and driven by Gulfood, it has over a thousand exhibitors at local, regional and international levels and gains more visitors every edition.

Lemon Concentrate will visit Gulfood Manufacturing Dubai

In Lemon concentrate we always put special interest in following these events closely as they can provide us improvements which may impact our company by increasing our products’ quality in order to ensure we are offering the best possible product to our customers.

The reasons that make us be present in one of the most important fairs of food manufacturing and beverage processing are the presence of the leading brands in the food industry, the latest technological innovations in machinery, materials and packaging, logistics solutions to improve transportation of products, and so on.

The realization of free food and beverage lectures, contributes to adding value and enriching all visitors’ and participants’ stay, expanding their opportunities.

In this sense the Gulfood Festival 2015 brings all kinds of solutions to the challenges which are proposed to the food manufacturing and processing professionals in all sectors and subsectors.

Thereby, the improvements and potential which the food industry of Dubai offers, makes it a leading sector and an unparalleled opportunity to conduct business in line with the needs of Lemon Concentrate and our customers’ demands.

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