Anufood China 2016

The Anufood food fair will take place in Beijing, China, on November 16-28 of this year. Anufood, previously known as World of Food Beijing, changed its name in order to reinforce the brand and looking for being closer to Anuga, the event which supports and powers Anufood.

Last year, this food fair occupied an area of 35.000 square metres where it was possible to find more than 600 food exhibitions, lectures and other activities. As last year, in this edition Anufood is going to show several lines of products. For example, there will be fruit products, vegetable products, organic foods, fine foods, frozen foods, sweets, oils, dairy products, bakery products, meats, seafood, etc. It is expected an attendance of more than 24.000 trade visitors and almost half of the exhibitors will be from foreign countries. In fact, there will be exhibitions from 34 countries.

Apart of the fact that Anufood is a great food exhibition, there is another important reason to attend this food event: its strategic location. China is the most populated country in the whole world and it is located in southeast Asia, the most populated region in the world. For this reason, Anufood China 2016 can be the gate to this enormous market. But its people amount is not the only point in favor of China; its growth rate is another aspect to take into account. The Chinese population it’s growing at 0,52% each year; on the other hand, its food sector grows at 20% each year. All these factors make China the perfect place for a food and beverage exhibition.

Lemon Concentrate will attend Anufood China 2016

We are really interested in keep offering the optimal solutions to our clients. For this reason, we are committed to attend Anufood in Beijing this November. Here, we are going to look into the latest technology for food processing and the most modern machinery for this purpose. Moreover, we are going to take this opportunity to introduce our new line of vegetable purees, as well as our classic products such as orange concentrate, lemon concentrate, essential oils, not from concentrate juices, pulp cells, fruit purees, fruit powders, etc.

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