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Honey’s key health benefits – why should you be purchasing from honey suppliers?

- 12 May, 2017

A sweet mix of numerous sugars (including glucose, sucrose and fructose), honey is also well known to have antibacterial properties. This is largely due to the fact that it contains enzymes that work in a particular to produce hydrogen peroxide. Honey is a safe way to stop bacteria from multiplying on a wound – you can spread it directly on your skin. Honey also helps to keep wounds dry and thus enables them to heal. The same soothing, drying effect makes honey an excellent remedy for burns. Simply create a ‘plaster’ from some thick honey and leave it on a burn or wound. The antibacterial properties that honey has also also make honey good for killing the bacteria in your throat that causes a cough. Slowly swallowing a spoonful of honey will help to coat your throat in this sweet, antibacterial substance. Honey is also anti-inflammatory, which adds to the soothing effect on your throat when you have a cough. As well as being antibacterial, honey is anti-fungal. If you have an allergy to mould, for instance, regularly mixing a spoonful or two of honey from top quality honey suppliers into your foods or drinks will help to keep any symptoms at bay. These honey health benefits boil down to the fact that, applied topically, honey will soothe your body and help it to heal.

Other honey health benefits: benefits for the whole body

The health benefits of honey described above mainly relate to localised issues: burns, wounds, and patches of irritation in the throat. However, honey also has benefits for the overall functioning of he body. For example, though it is highly sweet, honey is excellent for regulating the blood sugar. This is because , unlike artificial processed white sugar, honey contains the perfect balance of glucose and fructose that your body needs. Its ability to keep blood sugars balanced in the way means that honey is often the food of choice for professional athletes who need a constant supply of energy as they train – it will be good for your workout too. Honey also contains antioxidants which make it very good for combating free radicals. Moreover, when spread onto the skin or used as part of a face mask or homemade lotion, honey is a fantastic moisturiser. Olive oil, banana and avocado are good ingredients to add to a honey face mask, whilst a moisturising lotion can be made by combining honey with ingredients such as oat milk, warm coconut oil and argan oil. You can also mix honey up with a variety of these ingredients to make a moisturising hair mask to leave your hair feeling soft, healthy and luxurious. Finally, when ingested, honey has great probiotic qualities. This means that it helps to promote the growth of friendly bacteria in the stomach and gut that keep your digestive system working well. The best honey to use if you want to harness its benefits to the full is raw, high quality honey. Avoid the more processed honey that can be bought in many supermarkets. Instead, buy your honey from lemonconcentrate.com, top quality honey suppliers.

Lemon Concentrate will be at ANUGA

- 26 April, 2017

All roads lead to Cologne in October 2017. It will be home to Anuga 2017, the world’s largest food and beverages trade fair, which will be holding between the 7th and 11th of October 2017. Influencers and decision makers from leading companies in the food and drinks industry will be around to witness the best of the industry. Employees of participating companies will also be on hand to showcase their products to potential customers as thousands of visitors from all over the globe are being expected.

Getting to Koelnmesse, the venue of the fair is convenient and easy. The S 13 train travels every 20 minutes between Cologne- Bonn Airport and Koelnmesse/ Deutz station. Travellers with trade fair admission tickets can travel to Koelnmesse free on the S 13 train if there is VRS on their ticket. 

Travellers without a trade fair admission ticket can travel by rail but must purchase a valid rail ticket, as the trade fair admission ticket is not valid on ICE trains. It only takes 25 minutes to get to the Koelnmesse/Deutz railway station on the ICE-high speed train. Koelnmesse is about 45 minutes from Dusselldorf airport by road. 

Cologne is a beautiful city with many cultural sites and there is a decent choice of accommodation for visitors to the fair. The locals are cheerful and welcoming. A tour of the city reveals impressive sites such as the historical city hall, museums, the cathedral, parks and gardens. An excursion through the beautiful cathedral city presents a great opportunity for shopping. ANUGA 2017 promises to be a great destination for those seeking an exciting time and memorable entertainment.

Lemon Concentrate will be at ANUGA

We will be present at the trade fair in our full elements. As you know, we supply and distribute all types of fruit juice concentrates to the fruit and beverage industry worldwide. Our flexible approach to the supply of fruit juice concentrates enables us adapt to customer needs and we can tailor-make any product to the customers’ specific requirements.

We are looking forward to seeing all our esteemed customers at ANUGA 2017. We will be located at Hall 8, Stand A- 045 in the trade fair complex and we hope you will visit us there.

FCOJ October Forecast

- 28 October, 2016

The forecast for the orange price is bullish in the USA; in fact, futures traders say that speculators have been buying steadily for most of the month. The uptrend has been advantageous to speculators and the trade is almost sold out, so the upside momentum is likely to continue. This bullish forecast is due to several factors. On the one hand in August was projected that Florida would harvest 60.5 million boxes – 25% lower than last season’s final production figure of 81.5 million boxes. The reason for this projection is the lower number of fruit on the trees, heavy post-bloom fruit-drop (PBFD), smaller sized fruit, impact from HLB/ greening disease and the high number of newly planted groves. PBFD is a fungal disease that reportedly really hit some areas hard this year due to the wet winter. Some areas of Southern Florida are on track to record 90 inches of rainfall in 2016 – the average annual rainfall is about 55 inches. On the other hand, hurricane Matthew is currently presenting a serious threat to the state’s groves and could hit Florida on the Atlantic side.

Due to these factors, the frozen concentrated orange juice (FCOJ) futures market has climbed hard over the past month. The front month is now trading around USD1.99/ lb, compared with USD1.87/lb at the start of September. Prices peaked on 27 September at USD2.09/lb. Brazil’s supply situation is the key market driver at the moment. One analyst suggested that the futures market might have finally accepted that the production from the crop in Brazil will only reach 245-250 million boxes, Florida’s crop will be about 70 million boxes and that the other producers cannot make up the shortfall. Brazilian FCOJ price levels in Europe are now comparable to pricing on the futures market. Futures analysts expect the market to be range-bound between USD1.85- 2.15/lb in the short-term. In terms of US supply and demand, FCOJ movement from Florida is up 5% and inventory is down 26%. Brazilian inventories are also going down. As a result, cash prices in Florida for the forthcoming season are expected to be very high – probably above USD2.50/lb.

None of the large producers are offering juice at the moment, which is a strong indication that they have already allocated the projected supply. The orange juice market is very firm due to the potentially short supply next year. Negotiations between buyers and producers are likely to be tense.