Honey’s key health benefits – why should you be purchasing from honey suppliers?

Dec 11, 2017

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A sweet mix of numerous sugars (including glucose, sucrose and fructose), honey is also well known to have antibacterial properties. This is largely due to the fact that it contains enzymes that work in a particular to produce hydrogen peroxide. Honey is a safe way to stop bacteria from multiplying on a wound – you can spread it directly on your skin. Honey also helps to keep wounds dry and thus enables them to heal. The same soothing, drying effect makes honey an excellent remedy for burns. Simply create a ‘plaster’ from some thick honey and leave it on a burn or wound. The antibacterial properties that honey has also also make honey good for killing the bacteria in your throat that causes a cough. Slowly swallowing a spoonful of honey will help to coat your throat in this sweet, antibacterial substance. Honey is also anti-inflammatory, which adds to the soothing effect on your throat when you have a cough. As well as being antibacterial, honey is anti-fungal. If you have an allergy to mould, for instance, regularly mixing a spoonful or two of honey from top quality honey suppliers into your foods or drinks will help to keep any symptoms at bay. These honey health benefits boil down to the fact that, applied topically, honey will soothe your body and help it to heal.

Other honey health benefits: benefits for the whole body

The health benefits of honey described above mainly relate to localised issues: burns, wounds, and patches of irritation in the throat. However, honey also has benefits for the overall functioning of he body. For example, though it is highly sweet, honey is excellent for regulating the blood sugar. This is because , unlike artificial processed white sugar, honey contains the perfect balance of glucose and fructose that your body needs. Its ability to keep blood sugars balanced in the way means that honey is often the food of choice for professional athletes who need a constant supply of energy as they train – it will be good for your workout too. Honey also contains antioxidants which make it very good for combating free radicals. Moreover, when spread onto the skin or used as part of a face mask or homemade lotion, honey is a fantastic moisturiser. Olive oil, banana and avocado are good ingredients to add to a honey face mask, whilst a moisturising lotion can be made by combining honey with ingredients such as oat milk, warm coconut oil and argan oil. You can also mix honey up with a variety of these ingredients to make a moisturising hair mask to leave your hair feeling soft, healthy and luxurious. Finally, when ingested, honey has great probiotic qualities. This means that it helps to promote the growth of friendly bacteria in the stomach and gut that keep your digestive system working well. The best honey to use if you want to harness its benefits to the full is raw, high quality honey. Avoid the more processed honey that can be bought in many supermarkets. Instead, buy your honey from, top quality honey suppliers.


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