Anuga 2017

One again, the largest international food festival in Europe will soon be upon us. It will be held in the German city of Cologne and the number of delegates is expected to surpass those of the previous year. It is therefore the perfect opportunity for Lemon Concentrate to showcase our advancements to this massive community. One of the most interesting aspects of this symposium is that the Anuga 2017 is actually comprised of no less than ten different fairs; each focusing upon a certain facet of the industry. Let us take a closer look.

Anuga Fruit Suppliers

This festival will be broken up into several discrete categories. These include (but are not limited to) hot beverages, the food service industry, innovative retail technology and chilled foods. Lemon Concentrate is proud to be a part of this incredible opportunity and as always, we are eager to display how our products and services have evolved during the past year.

We are well aware that the fruit concentrate industry faces a number of challenges and yet, we are fully confident that these very same hurdles can be overcome. Innovative products, turnkey distribution services and continuous quality improvements are all hallmarks of Lemon Concentrate and we will have an opportunity to share these advancements while attending Anuga 2017.

Another reason why we are so eager to attend this fair is the fact that specialised events will enable us to showcase our turnkey solutions within different industries. As we distribute our products both frozen and aseptically, visitors can expect to see us within both the frozen food and the fresh food category.

Ultimately, Lemon Concentrate is quite pleased to be able to attend this event and we look forward to displaying how we have progressed. The world of fruit concentrate is indeed evoving and we aim to stay ahead of the curve.

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