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Our main activity is the worldwide supply and distribution of all types of fruit juice concentrates to the Food & Beverage processing industry.

Lemon Concentrate was born as a raw material exporting company with an extensive know-how due to its personnel’s experience. It is the fruit concentrate company with the highest quality both product-wise and service-wise at the most competitive prices. As a supplier, Lemon Concentrate is flexible and adaptable to customer’s needs, being able to tailor-make any product upon request and customize its logistics systems.

Today, we are one of the world’s leading suppliers of lemon, orange and clementine products. Amongst others, our product portfolio is based on juice concentrates, comminuted fruits, essential oils, NFC juices, pulp cells, purees, fruit powders and tailor- made blends.

Our hallmark is the complete traceability of the fruit from the harvesting and processing, to the distribution.

Fresh Lemon Products Wholesale

We are specialist in the manufacturer and supplier of all type of lemon products.

Our materials, from one of the best áreas in the world for the agriculture, the Mediterranean, are selected close to our facilities, allowing us to reduce the time between the collection and the processing of the fruit.

Thanks to prioritizing the quality of the materials and the procedures in each section of its elaboration, we can offer a catalogue of fresh lemon products to our customers.

Fresh Orange Products Wholesale

Our orange products come from the best area in Spain, the Mediterranean region, offering the highest quality thanks to be elaborated with the tastier raw materials.

Thanks to our exhaustive process of elaboration, we have a large catalogue of fresh orange products with freshly squeezed flavor available to all of our customers.

We manufacture and supplier wholesale syrups, concentrates, purees, Juices NFC, fillings and pomaces of orange with a tailored service for the special needs of every client.

Fresh Mandarin Products Wholesale

Among our catalog, the fresh mandarin products are one of the most demanded thanks to offering a perfect alternative to the sour taste of the orange.

This fruit, ideal for the customer who wants to find a sweeter option, is made to elaborate all kind of tasty concentrates, juices, purees, dried products, essential oils and pulp cells with an excellent result.

Our mandarin products are elaborated from different Spanish varieties of Citrus Reticulata, using only fresh and mature fruits in the process to obtain the best freshly squeezed flavor.

Fresh Strawberry Products Wholesale

We offer to our clients a large number of products from one of the sweetest fruits in the sector: the strawberry.

Concentrates, juices, fillings, purees… the fresh strawberry products are ideal for the elaboration of all kind of soft drinks and beverages, cakes, bakery products, sweets and chocolates with a high quality result in them.

To preserve all the characteristics of the strawberry we process the raw materials with the most appropriate facilities and the latest technology for fruit processing.

Fresh Vegetable Products Wholesale

Despite of being known by our catalogue of fruit products, we are also specialist in the manufacturer and supplier of vegetable concentrates, compounds, pastes and purees.

Our product selection, is elaborated with the best raw materials from the Spanish orchards, trying to prioritizing the preservation of their properties and benefits.

With an exhaustive process, a tailored service and the most optimized logistics solutions, we are able to offer a high quality product and service for the development of the activity of every customer.


Fresh Pineapple Products Wholesale

We supply and manufacturer a huge selection of pineapple products elaborated with the best raw materiales. Our facilities, located near the croplands, make us able to minimize the time between collection and processing so we can offer a freshly squeezed flavored product.

In our catalogue, we count with concentrates, fillings and purees of pineapple made with a high quality process and the latest technologies.

Summer Fruit Products Wholesale

Enjoy al the flavor of the summer season visiting our section of products elaborated from summer fruits. We have made a really special selection of the best fruits of this time to make the sweeter concentrates, purees and fillings for our clients.

Pear, Apricot, Mango, Yellow Plum… You can find all in our Summer Fruit Products section. Visit our web and be surprised with our extensive catalogue of products elaborated with the best raw materials.

Quality and food safety
Hight quality is our main concern

Quality and food safety is a must at Lemon Concentrate.

Our concern is not only the supervision of raw material plantations, but also a strict production process to ensure we supply the most fresh and high-quality products at the best price.

Lemon Concentrate provides for all of the products strict, internationally recognized standards like ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000, specific certificates for sophisticated products according to local legislation and religious requirements (Halal, Kosher). Systematic food hygiene (GMP) and the risk assessment of potential food safety hazards (HACCP) are part of our daily routine.

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