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The Food and Hospitality Oman food and beverage fair will take place in 20-22 September (2016) in the Oman International Exhibition Centre, close to the Muscat International Airport. This will be the 11th edition and as in the previous ones, it will be possible to discover new products in the food industry, the latest technology for food and beverage processing, new equipments for catering, kitchen, restaurant, etc. This is the biggest food event in the whole country.

In addition to new trends and product exhibitions, in the food and hospitality Oman food fair will be also possible to enjoy other activities. Actually, there will be conferences about food safety. These conferences will show different methods to improve food safety and will introduce you to a wide network of suppliers who will help you to acquire the needed technology. This conference will be attended by public authorities for stores and food reserve, ministry of health, Oman Food Investment Holding, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, food manufacturer, food wholesalers, catering services, etc.

Officially called Sultanate of Oman, this country is located in the south coast of the Arabian Peninsula. This is a strategic position due to its easy access by sea to other Asian countries. Moreover, this is a rich area because of oil and gas reserves. For these reasons, this is a really interesting place to establish a network of business contacts.

Lemon Concentrate will attend to Food and Hospitality Oman food and beverage fair

One of our most important values is innovation. For this reason, we are in the obligation to assist to this food fair. There, we hope to learn how to offer even better logistic solutions to our clients and to discover the latest technology for fruit and vegetable processing. Moreover, it will be a great opportunity to introduce our new line of vegetable purees. We will also exhibit our classic and successful products, such as our lemon juice concentrate, orange juice conentrate, pineapple concentrate, essential oils, NFC juices, essential oils, et.

We hope to see you there.

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