BAF 2015 – Good taste for food and life.

BAF is a food and beverage fair which takes place in Lithuania. In this international food and beverage exhibition all is aimed to discover the latest developments in the food and beverage industry as well as to learn about the new products and flavours, in order to foster the culture this type of fair has.

Many activities take place during the BAF because it presents an innovative format with interactive spaces where we can find numerous food exhibitions, seminars, gourmet shows, and even championships, thus becoming one of the most dynamic food and beverage fairs worldwide.

The BAF, besides being one of the largest beverage tradeshows, also stands out as a food fair. In it we may find many spaces such as The Kitchen Studio, Wine Corner, Green Island and food counselling specialists.

Lemon Concentrate will attend the BAF food and beverage fair.

Lemon Concentrate will be present at this fair in a dual manner, on the food fair side it will offer its range of purees and concentrate, and on the beverage side it will offer its juices and fruit powders. That way it will be an opportunity both for suppliers and prospective clients to get to know its entire product portfolio.

This food and beverage exhibition will enable us to introduce our high-quality products which are elaborated with the best raw materials under technologically advanced maintenance and logistics systems. These premium quality products allow us to also offer a fast, honest and quality service to our clients.

That is the reason why being present in one of the most important fairs from the international perspective, not only helps us to stay in touch with the best companies in the sector, but it is useful to enrich us regarding food processing matters, transport and new maintenance techniques. It also handy to in order to learn about the latest trends in terms of new products and recipes, thus to continue offering the best products to our current and prospective clients.

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