Eggplant Puree
We develop our eggplant puree from the selection of the best genre to ensure the final product’s quality. Our puree preserves all the nutritional value of this vegetable.


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We develop our eggplant puree from the selection of the best genre to ensure the final product’s quality. Our puree preserves all the nutritional value of this vegetable.


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Properties and Benefits of Eggplant Puree

Eggplant is rich in minerals compared to the rest of vegetables due to its higher magnesium, iodine, sodium, iron and calcium content. In addition, it contains large amounts of water and fiber, as well as antioxidant properties which make eggplant puree a safe and healthy product which provides a lot of nutrients to the body.
We have two different varieties of eggplant pureefrozen and aseptic. Both are intended for the development of different soups, sauces, purees and creams until direct use as a puree. Thus, as suppliers of eggplant puree we offer a versatile product adaptable to our customers’ needs.

The proper treatment of the raw material is very important for the final result of the product being the objective of every good manufacturer, this is the reason why in LemonConcentrate we work hard and professionally throughout the whole process from the moment in which the product is collected until it is delivered.

Eggplant Puree – Suppliers and Distributor

From LemonConcentrate, wholesaler company located in Murcia, we always try to offer the best possible products tailored to the needs of the consumer. We are able to do this thanks to our extensive experience in the field of processing, producing and distributing fruit and vegetable products, which has allowed us to know and understand our consumers.
Our technological improvements allow us to optimize our resources directly, which affects the quality of the final product directly. In addition, our advanced logistics systems makes possible for us to reach all parts of the globe.

We are in charge of both product development and final distribution, so that our quality standards are maintained throughout the process. Apart from eggplant puree, LemonConcentrate offers a wide a range of different types of vegetable purees plus an extensive line of fruit products that makes us reach all types of customers, ensuring them produce quality and the best possible service.

Eggplant Puree, processing and packaging

We can offer all of our products in different forms and packaging, such as HPP (High Pressure Processing), aseptic, aseptic acidified with lemon, frozen or preserved, depend on our customer needs.
Our orchards, located in the southern of Spain, are close to our facilities to ensure the fresh conservation of the plants. Therefore, we offer a high quality product which preserves all its properties and benefits.

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