Orange products uses and properties

Orange products are one of LemonConcentrate’s specialities due to the high quality of the oranges we use. We have a large list of products obtained from the processing of our oranges such as: Orange essential oil; orange concentrate; orange cells; orange comminuted or orange juice NFC.

Orange Juice NFC

Orange products: How it is made

  • Orange essential oil: for the elaboration of our essential oil we use different kind of Spanish oranges resulting of Citrus cinensis. The 100% natural result is due to the use of a mechanical process and a coldpressed method. In addition, we don’t do any thermal treatments in order to maintain the freshness.
  • Orange concentrate: We elaborate two types of orange concentrates. The first one is the orange concentrate 65ºbrix and the second one is the orange juice concentrate Clear. Both of them are made with the oranges coming from Valencia, wich are known to be one the highest quality ones in the world. The process is very simple in order to maintain all the properties of the fruit. From the best fresh juice we obtain the best juice concentrate. Also, for each concentrate we can use different quantities of cells and pulp, depending on our client’s needs.
  • Orange cells: This product is 100% natural and it is obtained by separating the orange pulp from the freshly squeezed juice of ripe fruit. The oranges used to make this product come from the area near the Mediterranean sea where the weather helps to obtain the best quality of the fruit: warm during the day and cold at night. Once the product obtained, it is pasteurized and frozen in order to keep all the properties.
  • Orange comminuted: Citrus fruit grown up near the Mediterranean sea maintain all the flavour due to the positive weather conditions. That’s why Lemon Concentrate uses the oranges of that area to obtain as much tasty products as possible. This orange comminuted or orange puree concentrated is made with the whole fresh orange which contains: the flavedo (contains the citrus essential oil), albedo (contains the citrus fiber) and encocarp (contains citrus juice, cells and core). Afterwards, these different parts of the fruit are processed and concentrated. The packing can vary and depends on the clients’ demand.
  • Orange juice NFC: The process to obtain the juice NFC is very simple: we separate the juice from the pulp, peel and seeds. The result is then pasteurized or frozen, depending on the needs of our client. Our main priority is always to maintain all the properties of the fruit.

Orange products: Uses

  • Orange essential oil: essential oil keeps the intense flavour of the fruit which is useful to add to your recipes to make your food more tasty.
  • Orange concentrate: Orange concentrates are mainly used to create natural juices or any fruit drinks and for beverage.
  • Orange cells: The cells contain the most beneficial part of the orange which makes it ideal to use it for the elaboration of high flavoured food or natural fruit drinks and beverage.
  • Orange comminuted: This product is used for the elaboration of fruit drinks and beverage for its high quality.
  • Orange juice NFC: Our juices are 100% natural which means it doesn’t have any extra processing. It keeps all the properties of the fruit which makes it a very healthy product.


  • Orange peel has cholesterol lowing properties thank to its hesperidin contain, a flavonoid that helps to reduce it.
  • Also, citrus fruit contain the phytonutrient called limonene in their peels, which has anticarcinogen properties. The limonene increases the antioxidant levels of your body wich reduces the ability of cancer cells to grow.
  • Orange also contains pectin which can reduce an excess of appetite and thus, the possibility of gaining weight.
    This fruit can help you to regulate your gastrointestinal tract, which reduces possible digestive problems such as indigestion or stomachaches.
  • It also has a high content of vitamin C which helps your immune system to stay healthy. It increases the collagen of your body which is good for the skin, blood vessels or cartilage.
  • Vitamine C is not the only vitamin that you can find in the orange but also: A and B1, among others. Vitamin A promotes bones growth and helps vision while vitamin B1 maintains the health of cardiovascular or nervous system.

Benefits and tips:

  • As you might know, oranges have an intense smell and freshness. If you boil dried orange peels, cinnamon and cardamom in water, you will obtain a perfect air freshener.
  • Due to its intense acidity, orange can also be a mosquito repellent. Apply some orange peel before leaving the house to prevent mosquito bites.
  • Orange peels can be used to get rid of dandruff. If you mix some grinded orange with water and leave it the whole night. Apply it to your hair 3 times a week.
  • Ants don’t like limonene either. If you have an infestation, blend a few orange peels with some water and place the mixture around the house.

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