We are Tailor-Made blend concentrate suppliers

The use of the Tailor-Made blend concentrates is recommended for beverage and refreshments. The elaboration is made under strict controls of food security and respecting the current law regarding the food hygiene.


We supply all over the world

LemonConcentrate has currently a large number of conservation centers which guarantees that the products respect the strict rules of food security and arrive with the best quality to our clients: always fresh and with the whole flavour and properties of the fruit.

manufacturers and suppliers


Types of Tailor-Made blend that we supply

Some of the main and most demanded products that LemonConcentrate as a supplier offer to its clients are:




Uses of our Tailor-Made concentrates

Due to the intense flavour and the large versatility of the Tailor-Made concentrates, they can have many different uses. Nevertheless, the most important ones are:

Wines and liquors

Wines and liquors



Ice creams

Ice creams

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