We are Fruit Concentrate manufacturers

The elaboration of the juice concentrates’ start with a previous selection of the best fruit that grow close to the Mediterranean sea, main reason for their intense and particular flavour.


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We serve all over the world

LemonConcentrate is a worlwide company in the sector of the fruit concentrates located in Murcia, where we can find the biggest fields citric companies in Europe.

The proximity to the raw materials allow LemonConcentrate to reduce the time between the collection and the processing of the fruit. This allow us to guarantee a fast and efficient distribution of our products all over the world.

Distribution of manufactured products


Types of fruit concentrates that we manufacture

Some of the main and most demanded concentrate juices that LemonConcentrate produce are:





Uses of our juice concentrates

Due to the quality and the properties of our fruit concentrates, some uses given to them are:






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