We are fruit comminuted suppliers

Our comminuted fruits are manufactured with full pieces of fruit grown in a perfect climate which give them an intense and fresh flavour. This makes that the products made with these comminuted maintain the whole mediterranean essence.


We supply all over the world

LemonConcentrate has currently a strong distribution and logistic structure allowing a successful worldwide comercialization.

In addition, LemonConcentrate has a large number of conservation centers which guarantees that the manufactured products respect the sanitary rules regarding the food and beverage sectors of the different regions and countries where it works.

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Types of comminuted fruits that we supply

In the elaboration of the comminuted fruit we select the appropriate fruits to obtain the best juices with an intense freshness and flavour. The main fruit used for the manufacturing of this kind of products are:



Uses of the comminuted fruits

The comminuted fruit juices, due to their freshness and intense flavour, can have many applications. Some of the most typical ones are:

Dairy products

Dairy products





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