We are fruit cells distributors

The fruit cells are obtained through the separation of the edible parts of the fruit. During the process we use different techniques that allow us to conserve the fruit in an optimal status for its use for the elaboration of other products.


We serve all over the world

LemonConcentrate is nowadays one of the main distributors in the fruit cells sector.

In addition, we nowadays have a large distribution network which guarantees a total coverage and a successful worldwide comercialization which allow us to provide our products in the best conditions.

manufacturers and suppliers


Types of fruit cells that we distribute

The fruit cells are 100% natural, without any additives, conservatives and colorants. Some Algunas de las pulpa de frutas que LemonConcentrate distribuye son:


Uses of our fruit cells

The fruit cells have multiple uses, these are the main ones given by our clients:

Dairy products

Dairy products

Fruit juices


Other foods

Other foods

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