We are Key Products suppliers

The Key Products are made from the skin of the fruit, where all the properties are located and with which we can elaborate this kind of products.


We supply all over the world

The proximity to the raw materials allows LemonConcentrate to reduce the time between the collection and the processing of the fruit and to achieve a fast and efficient distribution of the products.This is a very important point in this sector where the freshness of the raw materials is vital to secure high quality products.

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Types of Key Products that we supply

One of the most important aspects of a final product with a high quality is the selection of optimal fruit in terms of texture and flavour. That’s why the selection process is that important to obtain the best Key products. Some of the main key products that LemonConcentrate supplies are:



Uses of the Key Products that we supply

Some of the main uses given to the LemonConcentrate’s Key Products are:





Ice creams

Ice creams

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