We are Juice NFC suppliers

The juices NFC that we manufacture are obtained without using any additive; no sugar and no preservatives, maintaining the intense and fresh flavor typical from the fruit grown near the Mediterranean region.


We supply all over the world

LemonConcentrate is currently one of the main suppliers of juices NFC. Having our own facilities we can easily control the quality of the final product and we can answer faster to the needs of our clients.

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Types of juices NFC that we supply

After a rogorous process of selection of the best fruit for the elaboration of the best juices NFC, we can offer the following products:



Uses of our juices NFC

The juices NFC don’t have any additive that’s why they can be used to produce any kind of products, which will have all the properties and benefits of the fruit:



mineral water

Mineral water

Other foods

Other foods



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