Mandarin Fruit products

Clementine Cells

The clementine cells are 100% natural products obtained by separating the clementine pulp from the freshly squeezed juice.

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clementine cells category

Clementine Oil

Our clementines contain very few seeds and are very juicy and sweet. It can be used for aromatic purposes for its intense freshness.

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mandarin juice nfc

Mandarin Juice NFC

Not concentrate mandarin juice is processed and pasteurized by flash heating immediately after squeezing the fruit, without removing the water.

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Mandarin cells

Mandarin Pulp Cells

This product is produced using mandarins that grow up near the Mediterranean sea: warm during the day and cold at night, main reason of its characteristic flavour.

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mandarin essential oil

Mandarin Essential Oil

Our Mandarin oil is aromatic and made from different Spanish varieties of Citrus reticulata, using only fresh and mature fruits.

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mandarin juice concentrate

Mandarin juice concentrate – Supplier

The mandarin is harvest in November every season, in its optime maduration state to process inmediately and take profit of all its natural characteristics.

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