Fresh Products

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables from the best orchards in the world

In Lemon Concentrate we always try to offer the best products, a extensive catalogue made from a high quality of fresh fruit. Because of this reason, our raw materials are collected in one of the best countries in the world for the production of fruits and vegetables, the spanish orchard.

Spain is the first supplier of fresh agricultural products in the market, standing out for its production of citric, especially for orange and lemon. The factories located strategically in the south of this country, near the collection áreas, allows us to fulfill our commitment with our clients: offer a fresh product with all the flavor and the arome of the fruit. In this way, the time that passes between the harvesting of the fruit and its processing is mínimum, thus enhancing the quality of the final product.

We supply all kind of Juice Concentrates, Fruit & Vegetable Purees, Fillings, Essential Oils, Pulp Cells, Pomaces, Powders, Syrups and even tailor made blends elaborated in singularity for some of our clients. In addition to this, we are also suppliers of high quality fresh fruit.

If you are interested in finding a service of tailored products made from fruit and vegetable to the elaboration of fruit juices, refreshments, wines, liquors, ice creams, dairy products, bakery, beers or mineral water, Lemon Concentrate is your brand.

Meet us and discover the best service of suppliers for your business.



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