Facilities and Delegations

Plaza Santo Domingo 11,
30008 Murcia (SPAIN)




LemonConcentrate has a worldwide commercial network ready to meet client needs regardless of location. We offer on the spot advising based on global thinking and local actions suitable for each country. Our headquarters is situated in Murcia (Spain) from where we distribute our products throughout the world.

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LemonConcentrate is located in the middle of the biggest citrus plantations of Europe. This is how we can assure that our products are processed in the shortest time possible between the collection and processing of the fruit.

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This strategic location of the company, where is processed the fruit, also allow us that our final products save costs on raw material transporting and, consequently, offer better prices to our clients. The short time between harvesting and processing of the fruit allow to the manufacturer maintain all the characteristics of the product.

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Products Factory

All our products are elaborated in conformity with the strictest standards and directives of food safety of the European Union. We not only fulfill these standards but we reach even higher expectations. We can offer all of our products in different forms and packaging, such as aseptic, frozen or preserved. We have in our portfolio not only commodities but to develop our own key products, for instance, comminutes, cloudy or any other products according to our clients’ needs.

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Logistics and Distribution Centers

LemonConcentrate has several refrigerated warehouses in Murcia to store the raw material in aseptic or frozen form.


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This way, we keep continuous stocks of our products during the whole year and we store them under the ideal temperature conditions for each product.




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