Dried Products

Food drying is anything but a newly invented method of preserving foods. As a matter of fact, it is something that has been practised in many parts of the world since ancient times. This food preservation method works by removing water from the food thus inhibiting the growth of bacteria; however, cleanliness and sanitation are essential when drying foods and the flavours will also be different to fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. Certainly, drying food preserves it and fruits, vegetables and meat is preserved today. These dried products are dried in a number of ways, but the sun and air as well as in an oven are common methods. The air moving over the food removes the moisture, and both temperature and humidity are needed to dry foods successfully. You’ll find these freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, fish and meat as food for hikers and backpackers. They’re light, nutritious, tasty and also easy to store and use. Dried fruits pack high-energy in them. The fact that dried foods are lightweight and compactly packed, means they are ideal for camping trips. Drying food in an oven is expensive – far more so than canning it. Dried foods such as fruits, with their concentrated fruit sugars, are a good source of energy and they also have vitamins and minerals. It must be said though, that the drying process destroys some of the vitamins. These days dried products are no longer the demanding process of yesteryear because with quality dryers, food dehydration is far less time-consuming than bottling or freezing and you allow these dryers to simply do the work for you.



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