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Lemon fruit concentrate

Lemon fruit concentrate


Lemon Fruit Concentrate is made with the whole lemon (flabedo, albedo and endocarp) in order to keep all of its properties. The result is a tasty, acidity-high Lemon Fruit Concentrate.

This product is made from sound and mature fruits of Citrus Limon. Lemon Fruit Concentrate is ideal for the production of soft drinks and beverages and can be reconstituted by dilution with water in order to reach the Brix grades of ready-to-drink product. Normally it is packed in aseptic, in metallic, conical drums, covered with plastic lids. This product should be stored between 4 and 10 degrees Celsius.

Lemons contain very high levels of acidity. Moreover, they remove wrinkles and blackheads, control high blood pressure, helps cure problems related to indigestion and constipation, soothes toothache and cleanses teeth, cures cholera and malaria, treats rheumatism and arthritis, heals corns, provides relief from fever and cold, relieves respiratory and breathing problems, helps fade scars, stops internal bleeding and nose bleeds, provides relaxation to foot, reduces dandruff and gives hair a natural shine, helps reduce weight, and eases pain of sunburn and bee stings.

Lemon Fruit Concentrate can be used to elaborate a large range of products in the food and beverage sector thanks to its premium quality; for instance fruit beverages, food industrial applications, bakery, dairy products, ice creams, soft drinks/drinks, ready meals, jams, and syrups.

Lemon fruit concentrate – Experienced Supplier

All raw fruit materials, such as lemons, are processed in modern production facilities. We offer flexible logistics solutions to give the best service to our clients.

Lemon Fruit Concentrate is just an example of Lemon Concentrate’s investment on taylor-made products to be able to adapt to client’s target-prices and demand. We believe exceeding expectations both product-wise and service-wise is the key to maintain our leading position in the fruit-concentrate and food-processing markets.

orange pure puree

Orange Pure Puree

Orange Pure Puree is made with oranges grown up near the Mediterranean sea.

These are the Spanish Navel and the oranges from Valencia, both very well-known at a global level.

This type of oranges has very few seeds and an intense flavor which makes it ideal for the elaboration of any kind of product in the food and beverage sector.

Orange pure puree- Manufacturer and Supplier

All raw fruit materials are processed in modern production facilities, combined with optimized logistics solutions for concentrate fruits juices to offer our costumers the most optimized logistics solutions.
The fruit is processed very carefully in order to maintain all the properties, especially the oranges keep the whole freshness.


orange pure puree

Orange Cloudy Debitter

Our Orange Cloudy Debitter is prepared with oranges from Spanish varieties of Citrus Sinensis. As you know, the oranges from Valencia, an Eastern Spanish region, are very famous because of their freshness and property richness. We obtain our Orange Cloudy Debitter from these varieties in order to obtain a premium-quality product.
We elaborate our orange cloudy debitter using whole fruits in order to maintain their natural properties. Once the orange cloudy has been obtained, it is passed through an exchange resin in order to extract the limonin and all the bitter elements. This debittering process results in a high-quality Orange Cloudy Debitter.

Orange Cloudy Debitter is normally used to add taste to soft drinks, in order to create a refreshing, intense-flavoured beverage.

Our comminuteds are made with the flavedo (citrus essential oil), albedo (citrus fiber) and endocarp (citrus juice, cells, and core) parts of the lemon and our cloudies are made only with flavedo, albedo (orange peel) and core. Both comminuted fruits and cloudy are perfect options for beverages, soft drinks, or food applications.

Orange Cloudy Debitter – Experienced Supplier

All raw fruit materials are processed in modern production facilities, which combined with optimized logistics solutions for concentrate fruits juices, enables us to offer our customers the best customer service. We also manage to reduce the time between the collection and the processing of the fruit due to the short distance between the croplands where it is harvested, and the manufacturing plants where it is treated and processed.

Apart from Orange Cloudy Debitter, some other Lemon Concentrate’s key products worth mentioning are pomegranate cloudy, pure orange puree, regular orange cloudy, orange comminuted 1:1, pure lemon puree, lemon cloudy debittered, lemon cloudy regular, lemon compound, lemon compound 40 Brix grades, lemon fruit concentrate, lemon comminuted 1:1, lemon comminuted 2:1, lemon comminuted 3:1, and lemon comminuted 4:1.

Oranges are sent to modern manufacturing facilities for its processing and packaging. Later, they are prepared for their worldwide supply. Depending on the client’s needs, the fruit products may be sent frozen or aseptic, and in different types of containers, such as tankers, bins, drums and different size bags-in-boxes.